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Prizes were announced at an Awards Ceremony on Thursday, December 17

You can link to the awards presentation ceremony here

In 2015 the Arts & Letters Club inaugurated “Next”, the first in a series of Open Juried exhibitions at the Club. N3xt, the third in this series, has taken a leap forward by extending the invitation to artists right across Canada. The work submitted testifies to the creativity and quality of visual art being produced in this country.

Like everything else, this project was greatly impacted by COVID-19; however, thanks to the vision and nimbleness of the organizing team we are delighted that there is now a large and significant exhibition of works on the theme “Unity”, hanging on the walls of the Great Hall and the adjacent lounge,

The exhibition closed on January 6, 2021; however, the N3xt Gallery will remain up until the end of January.

Please contact the Club if you would like more information about work in the show, or to make arrangements for purchase and pickup.

N3xt Gallery

Please enjoy this video work by artist Jordan Stone

Participating Artists

Tom Ashbourne
Edd Baptista
Anne Barkley
Anthony J Batten
Vera Bobson
Donna Cheryl Brown
Alexander Bulzan
Heidi Burkhardt
Eunah Cho
Charles Choi
Peer Christensen
Susan Clark
Geoff Clarke
Ellen Cohen
Stuart Curtic
Cherie Daly
Sheila Davis
Laurie De Camillis
Mel Delija
Michelle de Villiers
Barry Dicks
Linda Kooluris Dobbs
Peter Dusek
Maureen Eustace
Barbara Farren
Karen Fox
Keesha Freskiw
Suparna Ghosh
Gretta Gibney
Priti Girgla
Cathy Groulx
Marina Hanacek
Diana Harding-Tucker
Martin Hirschberg
Joan Holben
Warren Hoyano
Shelley Hudson
John Inglis
Lila Irving
Grethe Jensen
Jodi Kitto-Ward
Shell LeDrew
Lynda Lynn
James MacDougall
Ian Mackenzie
Sally Martin
Ryan McCourt
Gregory McCullough
nahanni mckay
Julian Mulock
Margaret Nachshen
Marjut Karu Nousiainen
Frances O’Flynn
Jill O’Reilly
Anya Orzechowska
Ruthia Pak Regis
Shayona Panth
Margaret Pardy
Judy Raymer Ivkoff
Merv Richardson
Bill Schwarz
Eunice Sim
Natalie Sobo
Felicity Somerset
Andrew Sookrah
Margaret Stawicki
Jordan Stone
Chin-Tin Su
Roger Sutcliffe
Rati Vajpeyi
Sheila Waengler
Kathy Kiss Webster
Michael Zarowsky


The N3xt Project gratefully acknowledges the support of many individual and corporate supporters who helped make this exhibition possible during very challenging times: 

Our distinguished jury:
Maggie Broda
Moira Cowan
Nadine Estrada-Karachi
Jacek Malec
Christina Parker,
Tom Smart
Richard York,
and to the Jury Selection Committee chaired by Virginia Trieloff

Gold Patron MacLabDevelopments Alberta

N3xt Canada Curator Mark Huebner

— and the many Arts & Letters Club Members who supported the project financially and through their volunteer efforts.


Andrew Ross, Exhibition Chair